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TCS Interview Experience

TCS Interview Experience and Selection Process:

I am happy to share you my TCS interview experiences with all of you guys, because I am selected in TCS in recent campus recruitment drive on 3rd august. Actually the Campus drive consists of 3 rounds.

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TCS Selection Process:

1st Round Is Written Test:


Verbal Ability: About Synonyms, Antonyms Are Asked Along With Pick Out The Best Meaning.

SECTION 2: Aptitude (Quant & logical) About 32 Questions

1. Which Is The Smallest No Divides 2880 And Gives A Perfect Square?
A.1                    B.2                                   C.5                     D.6

Ans: C

2. Two Bowls Are Taken, One Contains Water And Another Contains Tea  Equal Amount . One Spoon Of Water From 1st Is Added To Second Bowl And Mixed Well, And A Spoon Of Mixture Is Taken From Second Bowl And Added To The 1st Bowl. Which Statement Will Hold Good For The Above?
Thought Process :
Water Bowl Tea Bowl
100 100
90w (+10w= Spoon Volume) 100tea+10water
90w+ (10*10/11)Tea+ 10/11 W 100t- (10*10/11) T
+ 10w- 10/11w
(1st Bowl’s Water Volume Is Equal To 2nd Bowls Tea Volume)

3. Form 8 Digit Numbers From By Using 1, 2,3,4,5 With Repetition Is Allowed And Must Be Divisible By 4?

A.31250              B.97656             C.78125           D.97657 

Ans: C

4. Rearrange And Categorize The Word ‘Rapeteka’?

Ans: Bird

5. One Problem On (785^3-235^3)/(785^2+785*235+235^2)

Ans: You Are Free To Carry A Calculator With You But You Should Not Use It To Solve This Kind Of Problem. Because It Is Simple:
A3-b3 / A2+ab+b2

Ans Is : A-b Here 785-235= 550 That's It.

6. In School There Are Some Bicycles And 4 Wheeler Wagons. One Tuesday There Are 190 Wheels In The Campus. How Many Bicycles Are There?

Ans: 15

Thought Process : B*2+w*4=190 I.E. , B+2w=95 Now See U Can Not Solve 2 Unknowns From 1 Equation, So Just Plot Options Here To Get The Right Answer And Verify If You Are Getting Integers As Values Of B And W.

7. There Are Two Persons Paul And Jay .Paul Lies On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday And The Remaining Days He Speaks Truth. Jay Lies On Thursday, Friday, Saturday And The Remaining Days He Speaks Truth. Once They Meet Each Other, In Their Conversation Paul Says That Yesterday Is The Day One Among Those I Lie. Jay Also Says That Yesterday I Also Lie. What Is That Day?
A) Sunday. B) Tuesday. C) Thursday. D) Wednesday
[Thought Process: Now This Day Cannot Be Sunday Because In Monday Paul Speaks Truth And Sunday Everyone Tells Truth. So It Must Be Weekdays. Again, Tuesday Can Not Possible Because Monday And Tuesday Paul Speaks Truth. In Case Of Thrust Day, Paul Speaks Lie And Wednesday He Speaks True. And Joy Speaks Truth In Thursday And He Speak Lies In Wednesday. So, Thursday Is The Answer.

8. A Father Has 7 Penny’s With Him And 1 Water Melon Is For 1p, 2chickoos For 1p, 3 Grapes Foe 1p. He Has Three Sons. How Can He Share The Fruits Equally?

Ans: 1 Watermelon, 2chickoos, 1grape

9. (1/2) Of A Number Is 3 Times More Than The (1/6) Of The Same Number?

Ans: 9

10. There Are Two Pipes A And B. If A Filled 10 Liters In Hour B Can Fills 20 Liters In Same Time. Likewise B Can Fill 10, 20, 40, 80,160…. If B Filled In (1/16) Th Of A Tank In 3 Hours, How Much Time Will It Take To Fill Completely?

Ans: 7 Hours

11. A Man Is Standing Before A Painting Of A Man And He Says I Have No Bro And Sis And His [Painted Picture] Father Is My Father’s Son?

Ans: His Son

12. One Question Has Last Part Like Difference Between Two Terms Is 9 And Product Of Two Numbers Is 10, What Is The Squares Of Sum Of Numbers?

Ans: Thought Process : A-b=9 And Ab = 10

A+b = Sqrt[9^2 + 4*10] = 11
A= 10 And B=1 So 101 Ans.

13. What Is The Value Of [(3x+8y)/(X-2y)]; If X/2y=2?

Ans:10 {The Numerical May Change)

14. One Grandfather Has Three Grandchildren, Two Of Their Age Difference Is 3, Eldest Child Age Is 3 Times Youngest Child’s Age And Eldest Child’s Age Is Two Times Of Sum Of Other Two Children. What Is The Age Of Eldest Child?


15 . In One Organization, Material, Labor And Maintenance Are In The Ratio Of 4:6:7, The Material Cost Is: Rs. 100, What Is The Total Cost?

Ans: 425

16. Keywords: Density, Reluctance, Sensitivity, Voltage, Current, What Is The Resistance Formula Is “r=V/I”

17. In A Market 4 Man Are Standing .The Average Age Of The Four Before 4 Years Is 45, After Some Days One Man Is Added And His Age Is 49. What Is The Average Age Of All?

Ans: 49

18. In A School For A Student Out Of A 100 He Got 74 Of Average For 7 Subjects And He Got 79 Marks In 8th Subject. What Is The Average Of All The Subjects?

Ans: 74.625

19. In A Question ,Last Part Has, The Ages Of Two People Has The Ratio Of 6:6 And By Adding The Numbers We Get 44, After How Many Years The Ratio Would Be 8:7?

Ans: 8

20. One Train Travels 200m From A To B With 70 Km/Ph And Returns To A With 80kmph, What Is The Average Of Their Speed?

Ans: Use Harmonic Mean Formula: Average Speed = 2ab/A+b = 2*70*80/150

21. A Question Like A Wire Is Wound Whose Resistance Is Some 132. 44647 Ohms. If A Voltage Of 30 mv, 296 Ma Current Is Applied To It What Is The Resistance.
Clue: Use Formula R= V/I. Beware Of Voltage & Current Particularly Kilo Or Millie Etc. Units

22. In A City, There Are 100 Buildings Numbered By Corporation Between 0-100, How Many Twos Are Shown In Door,

Ans: 2,12,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,32,42,52,62,72,82,92=(20 Twos)

23) A Hollow Space On Earth Surface Is To Be Filled. Total Cost Of Filling Is Rs20000. The Cost Of Filling Per Mt3 Is Rs 225 .How Many Times A Size Of 3 Mt3 Soil Is Required To Fill The Hollow Space?

Ans: 20000/225=88.88
So 30 Times Of 3 Mt3 Is Required To Fill The Space Completely

24) There Are Different Things Like P,Q,R,S,T,U,V.  We Can Take P And Q Together. If R And S Are Taken Together Then T Must Has To Be Taken. U And V Can Be Taken Together Can Be Taken With P Or S. Every Thing Can Be Taken Together Except
A) P                B) T                   C) V                          D) S
Ans: T

25) New Town Is Straight To The North Of New York. A High Way M Runs From Newtown Making An Angle Of 61 Degree South East. From New York There Is Also An High Way N Which Runs Northeast 61 Degrees. If High Ways M And N Are Straight Then Find out  The Acute Angle Made At Their Intersection Point.

Ans: 180-(61+61)=58 (The High Ways Make A Triangle The Addition Of 18. One Grandfather Has Three Grandchildren, Two Of Their Age Difference Is 3, Eldest Child Age Is 3 Times Youngest Child’s Age And Eldest Child’s Age Is Two Times Of Sum Of Other Two Children. What Is The Age Of Eldest Child?  All India Jobs


26). In A Market 4 Man Are Standing .The Average Age Of The Four Before 4years Is 45,Aftyer Some Days One Man Is Added And His Age Is 49.What Is The Average Weight Of All?
Ans: 49

27) Keywords: One Organization ,Material Labor And Maintenance Are In The Ratio Of 4:6:7,The Material Cost Is:100,What Is The Total Cost?

Ans: 425

28). Keywords: Density, Reluctance, Sensitivity, Voltage ,Current, What Is The Resistance Formula Is “r=V/I”

29). Keywords: Sports Readers,10 Tables,4chairs Per Table, Each Table Has Different Number Of People Then How Many Tables Will Left Without At Least One Person?

Ans : 6

30). Keywords: Die, Card, Coin, B/N 2 To 12
Ans: All Are Equal

31). In A School For A Student Out Of A 100 He Got 74 Of Average For 7 Subjects And He Got 79 Marks In 8th Subject. What Is The Average Of All The Subjects? 

Ans: 74.625

32). In A Question ,Last Part Has ,The Ages Of Two People Has The Ratio Of 6:6 And By Adding The Numbers We Get 44,After How Many Years The Ratio Would Be 8:7? 

Ans: 8 

3 Angles Of A Triangle Is 180)

Section 3:Critical Reasoning: Two Passages Are Given

1. Which Of The Following Best Completes The Passage Below?
In A Survey Of Job Applicants, Two-fifths Admitted To Being At Least A Little Dishonest. However,
The Survey May Underestimate The Proportion Of Job Applicants Who Are Dishonest,

A. Some Dishonest People Taking The Survey Might Have Claimed On The Survey To Be Honest

B. Some Generally Honest People Taking The Survey Might Have Claimed On The Survey To Be

C. Some People Who Claimed On The Survey To Be At Least A Little Dishonest May Be Very

D. Some People Who Claimed On The Survey To Be Dishonest May Have Been Answering

E. Some People Who Are Not Job Applicants Are Probably At Least A Little Dishonest

Answer With Explanation:

A Is The Best Answer.

If Applicants Who Are In Fact Dishonest Claimed To Be Honest, The Survey Results Would Show A
Smaller Proportion Of Dishonest Applicants Than Actually Exists. Therefore, This Choice Is The Best Answer. B Is Inappropriate Because Generally Honest Applicants Who Claimed To Be
Dishonest Could Contribute To The Overestimation, But Not To The Underestimation, Of Dishonest Applicants. D Is Inappropriate Because Applicants Who Admitted Their Dishonesty Would Not
Contribute To An Underestimation Of The Proportion Of Dishonest Applicants. C And E Are Inappropriate Because The Argument Is Concerned Neither With Degrees Of Dishonesty Nor With
The Honesty Of Non-applicants.

The Average Life Expectancy For The United States Population As A Whole Is 73.9 Years, But Children Born In Hawaii Will Live An Average Of 77 Years, And Those Born In Louisiana, 71.7 Years. If A Newlywed Couple From Louisiana Were To Begin Their Family In Hawaii, Therefore, Their
Children Would Be Expected To Live Longer Than Would Be The Case If The Family Remained In Louisiana.
Which Of The Following, If True, Would Most Seriously Weaken The Conclusion Drawn In The Passage?

A. Insurance Company Statisticians Do Not Believe That Moving To Hawaii Will Significantly
Lengthen The Average Louisianan's Life.

B. The Governor Of Louisiana Has Falsely Alleged That Statistics For His State Are Inaccurate.

C. The Longevity Ascribed To Hawaii's Current Population Is Attributable Mostly To Genetically
Determined Factors.

D. Thirty Percent Of All Louisianans Can Expect To Live Longer Than 77 Years.

E. Most Of The Hawaiian Islands Have Levels Of Air Pollution Well Below The National Average
For The United States.
Answer With Explanation:
C Is The Best Answer.
This Choice Suggests That A Significant Proportion Of Hawaii's Population Is Genetically
Predisposed To Be Long Lived. Since Louisianans Are Not Necessarily So Predisposed, And Since
The Louisianans' Children Will Acquire Their Genetic Characteristics From Their Parents, Not From
Their Birthplace, This Choice Presents A Reason To Doubt That Hawaiian Born Children Of Native
Louisianans Will Have An Increased Life Expectancy. Therefore, This Choice Is The Best Answer.
Because The Conclusion Concerns People Born In Hawaii, Not The Average Louisianan, A Does
Not Weaken The Conclusion. Because The Governor's Allegation Is False, It Cannot Affect The
Conclusion. D Fails To Weaken The Conclusion Because It Is Consistent With The Information Given
And The Conclusion About Life Expectancy. By Suggesting That Hawaii's Environment Is In One
Respect Particularly Healthy, E Supports The Conclusion.

Next Round Is Technical Interview:

It Was A Fine Morning Around 9:30 when My Interview Started. My Interviewer Is A Cool Person. As This Was My 1st Interview I Was Very Tensed But He Made Me Relaxed By Discussing Some Current Affairs And Then Started Asking. Tell Me About Yourself. What Is Ur Favorite Subject?
My Answered To That Is C.
Then He Started Asking Questions Such As

1. What Does Static Variable Mean?

2. What Is A Pointer?

3 Where Does Global, Static, And Local, Register Variables, Free Memory And C Program Instructions Get Stored?

4. Difference Between Arrays And Linked List?

5 Can We Specify Variable Field Width In A Scanf() Format String? If Possible How?

6 Differentiate Between For Loop And A While Loop? What Are It Uses?

7 What Is Storage Class? What Are The Different Storage Classes In C?

8 What The Advantages Of Using Unions?

9. In C, Why Is The Void Pointer Useful? When Would You Use It?

10 What Is Pointer To A Pointer?

11 What Is Dynamic Memory Allocation?

12 What Is The Purpose Of Realloc?

13 How Would You Use The Functions Fseek(), Freed(), Fwrite() And Ftell()?

14 What Are The Types Of File?

So He Asked Me Lot Of Questions In C. And I Answered 90% Of Them. He Impressed With My Answers And Asked Some Questions On C++, DS, DBMS.

·         What Is The Difference Between Class And Structure?
·         Define Oops?
·         What Is Abstraction?
·         What Is The Difference Between Method Overloading And Method Overriding?
·         What Is Difference Between C++ And Java?
·         What Is An Adaptor Class Or Wrapper Class?
·         Can You Handle Exception In C++?
·         What Is Sequential Search? (
·         What Are The Advantages Of Linked List Over Array (Static Data Structure)?
·         What Is Dangling Pointer And How To Avoid It?
·         What Are The Disadvantages Of Circular List?
·         What Are The Advantages Of Using A Dbms?
·         What Is Schema?
·         What Is An ER Diagram?
·         What Are The Properties Of Transaction?:
After My Long Tech Interview Of 45min I Was Happy With My Performance And While I Am Sayinf Thank U And About To Leave The Interviewer Said
 Prepare For The Next Round. At That Moment I Said Many Thanks To Him And Came Out Happily

My Last Round Is HR Interview:

Tell Me About Your Self?
What Are Your Strengths?
What Are Your Weakness? How U Eliminate Your Weakness?
Tell About Your Family?
Are U Confident Of Being Selected In TCS? If Not What Will U Do?
Are U Interested In Higher Studies?
What Is Your Greatest Achievement From Childhood?
And A Few More Questions..
Finally He Asked Any Questions.

Then I Asked Him What Is The Impact Of Recession On TCS Employees. Does TCS Is More us Dependent In Projects? Then He Explained Me Very Well And Said All The Best. This Round Took Me 20 minutes
I Said Thank U Sir And Came Out

On The Next Day I Saw Our College Notice Board That I Was Selected And I Am Very Happy To Share my Interview Experience. It is a great career opportunity for me.

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