FlipKart Placement Papers 2016-2017 - Syllabus and Interview Questions


Placement papers of Flipkart 2016-2017. Learn and practice the placement papers and interview questions answers of Flipkart and find out how much you score before you appear for your next interview and written test.

Candidates should practice the previous papers of Flipkart according to the syllabus by managing the time.This will help them to analyze in which area they are weak and have to spend more time to achieve their goal of clearing the written exam and further move to next rounds.

FlipKart Placement Papers - Interview Questions:

1. #include

   void main()
    int I=3,*j,**k; j=&I; k=&j;
 What is the output of the above program code?

    A.444        B.000        C.333        D.433

    Answer: C

2. What is the output of the following code?

  void main()
     int s=0;
     if(s<4 && s<9)

    A.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9        B.1 2 3 10        C.4 5 6 7 8 9 10        D.4 5 6 7 8 9

    Answer: C

3. main()

          char thought[2][30]={"Don't walk in front of me..","I am not follow"};
   What is the output of this program?

    A.k k        B.Don`t walk in front of me     C.I may not follow        D.K  

    Answer: D

4. What is the output of the following code?

       # include
      # define a 10
       void foo()
           #undef a
          #define a 50

    A.10.10           B.10.50                C.Error             D.0

    Answer: A

5. Which of the following is the correct way of declaring a float pointer:

    A.float ptr;        B.float *ptr;        C.*float ptr;        D.None of the


    Answer: B

6. The space factor when determining the efficiency of algorithm is measured by

    A.Counting the maximum memory needed by the algorithm
    B.Counting the minimum memory needed by the algorithm
    C.Counting the average memory needed by the algorithm
    D.Counting the maximum disk space needed by the algorithm

    Answer: A

7. The Average case occur in linear search algorithm:-

    A.When Item is somewhere in the middle of the array
    B.When Item is not in the array at all
    C.When Item is the last element in the array
    D.When Item is the last element in the array or is not there at all

    Answer: A

8. The complexity of Bubble sort algorithm is

    A.O(n)        B.O(log n)        C.O(n2)        D.O(n log n)

    Answer: C

9. The elements of an array are stored successively in memory cells because

    A.by this way computer can keep track only the address of the first element and the addresses of other elements can be calculated
    B.the architecture of computer memory does not allow arrays to store other than serially
    C.both of above
    D.none of above

    Answer: A

10. When converting binary tree into extended binary tree, all the original nodes in binary tree are

    A.internal nodes on extended tree
    B.external nodes on extended tree
    C.vanished on extended tree
    D.None of above

    Answer: A

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11. Gavaskar's average in his first 50 innings was 50. After the 51st innings, his average was 51. How many runs did he score in his 51st innings.
     (supposing that he lost his wicket in his 51st innings)?

    A.106        B.103        C.101        D.none of these

    Answer: C

    Total score after 50 innings = 50*50 = 2500. Total score after 51 innings = 51*51 = 2601. So, runs made

in the 51st innings = 2601-2500 = 101.
    If he had not lost his wicket in his 51st innings, he would have scored an unbeaten 50 in his 51st innings.

12. All men are vertebrates.Some mammals are vertebrates. Which of the following conclusions drawn from the above statement is correct ?

     A. All men are mammals. B. All mammals are men. C. Some vertebrates are mammals. D. None

    A.C        B.D        C.A        D.B

    Answer: A

    Some vertebrates are mammals.

13. If s(a) denotes square root of a, find the value of s(12+s(12+s(12+ ...... upto infinity

    A.8        B.5        C.4        D.none of these

    Answer: C

    Let x = s(12+s(12+s(12+..... We can write x = s(12+x). i.e., x^2 = 12 + x. Solving this quadratic

equation, we get x = -3 or x=4.
    Sum cannot be -ve and hence sum = 4.

14. If point P is on line segment AB, then which of the following is always true?
     A. AP = PB
     B. AP > PB
     C. PB > AP
     D. AB > AP
     E. AB > AP + PB

    A.A        B.E        C.C        D.D

    Answer: D

    p ------------------------ A B Since p is a point on the line segment AB, AB > AP

15. If a = 2, b = 3, c = 6
     Find the value of c/(a+b)-(a+b)/c

    A.10/25        B.11/30        C.12/35        D.None of above

    Answer: B

16. main( )

            int x,y, z;
            z= x+++y;
            printf("%d %d %d", x, y z);

    A.3,5,7        B.2,6,8        C.3,5,8        D.2,6,7

    Answer: A

    This statement can be broken to z = x + y; (i.e z = 7 ) x = x + 1; (i.e x = 3 ) Hence Correct Answer is : 3,5,7

17. # define swap(a,b)

     main( )
     { int i, j, temp;
        if( i > j)
        swap( i, j );
        printf( "%d %d %d", i++, ++j, temp);

    A.5,11,10        B.6,11,10        C.5,10,10        D.11,6,10

    Answer: A

18. main( )

         unsigned int i=3;
         while( i >=0)
         printf( "%d", i--);
     how many times will the printf statement be executed?

    A.0        B.3        C.infinite        D.4

    Answer: C

    'i' is an unsigned integer and it will not decrement below '0' and hence end up in an infinite loop.

19. void main()

         int a=10,b=20;
         char x=1,y=0;
    What is the output?

    A.XAM is printed        B.exam is printed        C.Compiler Error        D.Nothing is printed

    Answer: D

20. What is the result of 16>>2 ?

    A.4        B.8        C.3        D.0

    Answer: A

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21. Which of the following statements is true ?

    A.When using POP, clients typically connect e-mail server only for the downlad duration. When using IMAP4, clients stay connected as long as the user interface is active.
    B.When using IMAPV4, clients typically connect e-mail server only for the downlad duration. When using POP, clients stay connected as long as the user interface is active.
    C.When using IMAPV4, clients typically connect e-mail server only for the downlad duration. When using POP, clients stay connected as long as the user interface is inactive.
    D.None of the above

    Answer: A

22. In Open Systems Interconnect model, which of the following layers is responsible for terminal emulation ?

    A.Application Layer        B.Presentation Layer        C.Transport Layer        D.session layer

    Answer: A

23. Which layer of OSI is responsible for Modulation and Demodulation?

    A.transport layer        B.Data Link Layer        C.Network Layer        D.Physical Layer

    Answer: D

24. Which Layer establishes, manages and terminates connections between local and remote applications ?

    A.Physical Layer        B.Session Layer        C.Data Link Layer        D.application layer

    Answer: B

25. Piggy backing is a technique for ?

    A.Flow control        B.Sequence        C.Acknowledgement    D.Retransmition

    Answer: C

26. An application program that is used by the users to get the information from the backend of some application like databases:

    A.application server    B.database server        C.proxy server        D.Mail server

    Answer: B

27. A top-to-bottom relationship among the items in a database is established by a

    A.hierarchical schema    B.network schema        C.relational schema    D.all of the above

    Answer: A

28. Batch processing is appropriate if

    A.large computer system is available    B.only a small computer system is avilbale    C.only a few

transactions are involved        D.none of the aobve

    Answer: D

29. If a piece of data is stored in two places in the database, then

    A.storage space is wasted    B.changing the data in one spot will cause data inconsistency    C.in can

be more easily accessed    D.both a and b

    Answer: D

30. The management information system (MIS) structure with one main computer system is called a

    A.hierarchical MIS structure        B.distributed MIS structure        C.centralized MIS structure   D.decentralized MIS structure

    Answer: C

Flipkart Placement Paper Syllabus:

Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus:

  • Probability
  • Permutations & Combinations
  • Algebra
  • Averages
  • Time Speed & Distance
  • Time & Work
  • Profit & Loss
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Simple & Compound Interest
  • Percentage
  • Number Series
  • Mixtures & Alligations
  • Simplification
  • Number System
  • Heights and Distances
  • Geometry & Mensuration
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Logarithms
  • Progressions
  • LCM and HCL
  • Pipes and Cisterns
  • Partnership
  • Boats and Streams
  • Areas, Volumes

Reasoning Syllabus:

  • Number Series
  • Letter Series
  • Analogies
  • Puzzles
  • Syllogisms
  • Binary Logic
  • Clocks & Calendars
  • Cubes & Dice
  • Classification 
  • Blood Relations
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Problem Solving
  • Coded Inequalities
  • Double Lineup
  • Logical Deductions
  • Routes & Networks
  • Grouping & Selections
  • Evaluating Course of Action
  • Statements and Conclusions
  • Mathematical and Computer Operations
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Inferences
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Decision Making
  • Symbols and Notations
  • Direction Sense Test
  • Logical Sequence Of Words
  • Assertion and Reason
  • Verification of Truth of the Statement
  • Statements and Assumptions
  • Data Interpretation

Verbal Ability Syllabus:

  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Sentence Completion
  • Spelling Test
  • Passage Completion
  • Sentence Arrangement
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • Para Completion
  • Error Correction (Underlined Part)
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Synonyms
  • Prepositions
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Spotting Errors
  • Substitution
  • Transformation
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Joining Sentences
  • Error Correction (Phrase in Bold)
  • Articles
  • Gerunds
  • Identify the Errors
  • Plural Forms
  • Odd Words
  • Prepositions
  • Suffix
  • Tense
  • Adjectives
  • Homophones
  • Identify the Sentences
  • Nouns
  • Prefix
  • Sentence Pattern
  • Tag Questions

Dear readers, the syllabus and Flipkart placement papers provided here are just for information purpose only. Sometimes companies may change their syllabus and exam pattern. So Please check official company website for the latest syllabus.

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