Best Group Discussion Tips For Freshers and Common GD Topics

Now a days most of the companies are conducting Group Discussions mainly to filter the candidates based on their communication and interpersonal skills. So here are the Best Group Discussion Tips For Freshers.

Here are some of the Group Discussion Topics for your reference. These are the most discussed topics.


- Advantages of Co-education
- Examinations - has it killed education
- Do we really Need Education to be Successful?
- Government Control in Higher Education is Interfering and Not Required
- Privatization of Higher Education
- Should the Government Set-up More IITs and IIMs, OR should it be use the Money for Primary & Secondary Education?
- Foreign Universities in India
- E-Learning: A Substitute for Classroom Learning?
- Is Reservation in Higher Education Only Alternative for Social Equality?
- Private Educational Institutions: Good or Bad
- Should Management Education be subsidized?
- How effective are Indian B-schools?


- If Winning isn't everything, why do they Keep the Score?
- Cricket in India has lost its Sheen
- Is T20 Cricket killing Real Cricketing Skills?
- Six Billion and One Bronze!
- Are Cricketers to be blamed for Match Fixing?
- Modern Day Sport in Industrialized Society is an Industry
- Cricket as a National Obsession is a Detriment to Other Sports

Is our Political System Reason for our Backwardness?
Educational qualification for Politicians
Necessity of Women Quota Bill for Women Empowerment
Voters, not Political Parties, are Responsible for the Criminalization of Politics
Should We Pursue our Policy of Dialogue with Pakistan?
The Way Forward for India is to Join Hands with Pakistan on Nuclear Matters
Need for Good Leaders in India
Politics is run by the Barrel of Gun
Retirement Age for Politicians
Corruption is the Price we pay for Democracy
What India needs is a Dictatorship?
Value-based Politics is the Need of the Hour
Religion should not be mixed with Politics
Democracy is Hampering India's Progress
Should Tainted Ministers Allowed to Contest Elections?
Presidential v/s Parliamentary Form of Government in India
Reservations in the Private Sector
Decreasing defense expenditure and increasing social expenditure is the need of the hour
India should go for the presidential form of democracy

Creative Topics:

A Ship Docked in Harbor cannot face the Storms
Do Beauty and Brains Go Together?
Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
Rules are Meant to be Broken
Food Comes First, Ethics Later
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
There is No Right Way of Doing the Wrong Thing
Is Love Precious or Poisonous?
Is God Male?
Good Things Always Come from Good Thinking
In Today's World, Everything is Uncertain except Death & Taxes
Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus
Cleanliness is a Fundamental Responsibility of an Indian Citizen
A Person should not be too honest; Straight Trees are cut first
Nice Guys Finish Last
All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy
The Wheel is Turning Round and Round
If I was the Finance Minister/Prime Minister
Group Task: How can we have Mount Everest in India?
When I woke up in the morning I saw?
Up the Down Staircase
Just as we have smoke free zones, we should have child free zones
The Nostradamus Code: World War III

Social Topics:

Terrorism in India
Religion should not be mixed with politics
Should Smoking be Banned Completely?
Effects of Television on Youth
Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages
Are beauty contests degrading womanhood?
Films are corrupting the Indian Youth
Morals & Values among Indians is Degenerating
Censorship in Movies & Our Culture
Foreign Television Channels are Destroying Our Culture
With Media Publishing and Telecasting Trivia, Censorship is the Need of the Hour
Women are not fit for Defense Services
Women Empowerment - A Cause for Increasing Divorce Rate in India
Showing Violence and Crimes should not be allowed in films and on television.
Classical Music Heritage and the Growing Pop-Culture
Individual Freedom and Civil Society
Influence of Online Social Networks on our Youth
Is Remixing Good Trend in Music?
Bride burning and dowry may look bad, but are an integral part of India.
Our Culture is Decaying
We are not serious about saving Wildlife/Environment
The education system needs serious reforms
The Internet is an exercise in hype
Marriage is a social trap

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