HR Interview Tips For Freshers - Do's and Dont's


HR Interview Tips For Freshers - Do's and Dont's

Do's - Human Resource Interview Tips For Freshers


- Give a firm handshake with interviewer.

- Introduce yourself.

- Listen carefully to the interviewer.

- Be Polite, Professional and Positive during the interview.

- Always be prepared to talk about anything you have included on your resume.

- Always be truthful about your experiences and skills. Don't lie.

- Show interest and enthusiasm towards the job and company while talking with the HR.

- Thank the interviewer at the end of interview. If more than one interviewers are there then Thank each and everyone.

- Ask interviewer about the next step in the interview process.

Dont's - HR Interview Tips For Freshers:

-  Don't be late to interview. Be ontime or a little early is recommended.

- Don't be panic or nervous during interview. It shows that you are not confident on you.

- Don't ask working hours of the company or Job.

- Don't look at your watch during interview. If you do, it gives the feeling that you are not interested in interview or the job anymore.

- Don't start the topics like salary.

- Don't be too serious during interview. Interviewers like happy and smiling people.

- Don't interrupt to the interviewer while he / she is talking on something. Just listen carefully.

Hope these HR Interview Tips are useful.

All the best for your HR interviews. 

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