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Dear Job Seekers,

Please note that is different and is different. Many job seekers are confused about this. 

Here are the differences:

1)  (Fake Company - Charging money from job seekers)

2)  ( A Genuine website helping job seekers for free)

Please see below details:

All India Job Services (Fake Company) - is a fraud/fake company which is charging money from job seekers. They are fooling all the job seekers and they are playing with the lives of poor students who are struggling to settle in their life. Don't believe these guys. Don't pay money to get a job. Many job seekers are becoming victims of, So beware of this website and its owners. We have already complained about this to Bangalore police and also sent an e-mail to Delhi Cyber crime police. Hopefully, they will take care of this issue

Never pay money to these frauds. Work hard.... You will get a job automatically.

All India Jobs ( - Genuine website for Freshers: is created and maintained by a group of software engineers. We started this website with a single intention i.e. to help job seekers in India. Please note that doesn't charge any money from job seekers. We provide job information for free. 

Hope you guys are clear now.

If you are the victim of "All India Job Services" then drop an e-mail to us with proper proofs. So that we will meet Bangalore police and submit these docs.